The Renault Duster’s 4X4 variant is called the Dacia in the international car markets. Rumors are rife that Renault is bringing the 4×4 Duster to India in September this year in order to boost its sales. It is said that Renault is going to launch the diesel version of the all 4 wheel drive variant first in India, followed by the petrol model at a later stage.

Renault Duster

Renault Duster Front Picture

Considering the high competition in the very popular compact SUV segment in India, it would be good call from Renault if it really brings the tougher 4×4 Duster here. The Renault Duster 4X4 variant is expected to be priced around Rs. 1 Lakh dearer than the 2 wheel drive current model, and it would be placed above the current top of the range model trim.

The current Renault Duster compact SUV range is offered at a base price of around Rs. 7.78 Lakhs (Ex-showroom, Delhi). The vehicle is powered by 1.6 liter Petrol motor and a1.5 liter Diesel mill in two states of tune. One of the diesel motor version is powered by 1461 cc unite that is capable of generating a max power output of 85 PS at 3750 rpm and a peak torque of 200 Nm at 1900 rpm. The other diesel engine version of the Duster is also powered by the 1461 cc motor, but it is made to be capable enough to generate a bit extra power output of 110 PS at 3900 rpm and a peak torque of 248 Nm at 2250 rpm. On the other hand, the petrol engine of the Duster petrol variants is good to deliver a max power output of 104 Hp at 5,850 rpm and produces a peak torque of 145 Nm at 3,750 rpm. The powerful diesel engine version is mated to a 6 speed manual transmission gearbox, while the other two motors are mated to a 5 speed manual gearbox.

If Renault really launches the Duster 4×4 variant, it would be festive season treat for the off-road adventurers in India.

Infiniti a superb luxury vehicle unit of Nissan is working on a new concept car, glimpse of the initial development of the vehicle is on the web. In just a few months from now in October, the concept vehicle will have its first time entry into the Paris Motor show 2014.

Infiniti new concept car

Infiniti new concept car

A new concept model by Infiniti sounds thrilling beyond words; the vision of the company is equally inspiring. Its goal with the model is to share a new idea, a refreshed framework that is not available on the planet. Infiniti is not just aiming at one model, but five to strengthen its portfolio for international markets.

Among the future chalked out roadmaps is crossover hatchback called Q30, it is a vision model to gain remarkable profits. Infiniti hopes to enhance its annual sale output by 500,000. The concept vision Q30 project has been disclosed to the public in 2013 Frankfurt Motor show.

Infiniti has its new car creations planned out, among its fresh model plans is to launch a new forceful rival to Porsche Panamera. It is expected to be a super swift model, and the expected global unveil is likely to happen in 2017 or 2018. The other interesting new car in the making is seven seat SUV, and is expected to launch anytime before 2020.

Infiniti has worked out its future plans; the talk of the town is the new concept vehicle. By the mere look of the image, one can hope for the spectacular model in the making. It is a vague yet classy image, and what is visible in an attractive piece of art, in the form of arty lines, similar to the arrangement viewed on gills of fish.

Infiniti has shown only speckles of its forthcoming concept car vision, the actual debut will happen in a couple of months. Despite the short span from concept showcasing to actual display, very little detailing is visible. The public can expect to be completely overwhelmed, because it is going to be a massive surprise. Let’s wait for October to get a full-fledged glimpse of Infiniti’s marvelous mystery.

Volkswagen is an acclaimed luxury brand in India; the company has indulged in commendable launch strategies. It’s all new Polo car is doing well, the company is working on Polo based Vento sedan. Vento is among the most popular lavish models of Volkswagen, and for some exciting piece of information, the company launched the Limited Edition Vento Konekt.

Volkswagen Vento Konekt Badge

Volkswagen Vento Konekt Badge

Limited Edition Vento Konekt is loaded with the needed and exciting advanced digital entertainment and connectivity. Konekt is offered with Highline and Comfortline variants, and has a robust Blaupunkt infotainment unit, with Bluetooth-enabled telephony, GPS navigation and hands-free. There is a classic high-resolution 7-inch TFT touchscreen color display on center console and the other interesting and high-end features are iPhone connectivity, USB connectivity and Igo-Navtech maps for navigation.

Konekt certainly comes in a fantasy package, apart from front seat; the rear compartment also has an entertainment system. Consumers can expect to embrace similar levels of excitement with elegant Android powered Bluetooth-enabled 8-inch Blaupunkt tablet with Wi-Fi connectivity, twin SIM and 3G compatibility. The resolution power of tablet is marvelous contributed by the stunning HD color display; it is packed with layers and layers of excitement with 16 TV channels, live stock market feeds, weather updates and Internet radio. The table has access to social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Maps, and 3G data connection.

Vento Konekt Limited Edition is no different from the present car, the Director of Volkswagen Group Sales India Mr. Michael Mayer said, Konekt has no mechanical or cosmetic modifications, the vision was to provide 24×7 digital entertainment and connectivity. Volkswagen has launched a unique package in Konekt, it is different from most of the new launches or Special Editions that have new cosmetic layering. The company has emphasized on the convenience element which is its specialty recipe.

Vento Konekt is a worthy purchase to enter into a world of fantastic digital enjoyment. It is a special launch indeed, because not always will a new car have front and back seat entertainment in grand style. For its magnificence it is sold at a price of Rs 7.84 to 9.8lakhs.

Ferrari an acclaimed Italian luxury sports car brand is working on a fantastic new model called 480M. The car is still in the initial testing stages, and was spied several times by car enthusiasts. It is a two seat model, and the tag M represents Modificato, which in English means modification.

ferrari 458m

Ferrari 458m

Details of the mechanical characteristics of the vehicle is exposed, Ferrari 458M moves on a robust V8 3.8 liter twin-turbo engine that yields spark energy efficiencies of 670bhp. It is a power factor indeed, so much more potent than Italia and the variation is 108bhp. With its 108bhp power Italia can accelerate from 0 to 100kph in only 3.4 seconds and the highest attained speed goes past the 325kph mark.

Interestingly the test vehicle of 458M is morphologically similar to Italia, the uniqueness of the vehicle lies in the rear. The dual exhaust system is replaced by center fitted triple exhaust. 458M is still in the testing stage, reports say Ferrari may unveil the vehicle at the prestigious Geneva motor show 2015.

A new Ferrari model has to be fast, it is the main selling factor of Ferrari’s sporty vehicles. 458 M is super swift, which reflects a new segment of fast moving sport car technology. In less than 3 seconds its acceleration power is 0 to 62 kmpl and the highest attainable speed is 200mph. 458M is expected to have a stunning mileage of 20.6mpg. 458M is more forceful than 458 Italia, 458 Italia covers the same 0 to 62mph distance in 3.4 seconds.

458M will have new styling, the rubber winglets on front grille looks similar to current car. Behind the front wheel arch there is a vent, to enhance air flow towards the side. The triple central exhaust pipes at the rear are now replaced by a two raised pipes, and the arrangement is similar to 458 Speciale. The other refreshments are new diffuser design and bumper.

458M is infused with similar engineering technologies with respect to instant throttle response and spine-tingling soundtrack just like 458 Italia. Reports say 458M is a superior variant of 458 Italia, it’s got better torque limiting in lower gears, and improved (ECU) Engine Control Unit management and complex exhaust arrangement. 458M is nothing but a pathway to the world of superior sport vehicle technology.

So many new launches are happening this year, and there are some more in 2015. The eminent luxury brand Renault India has sorted out its road map, in the coming twelve months it aims to launch three products. For some interesting information, Renault is the best ever European unit in India with respect to profit gains. The firm sells five models and all are awe-inspiring such as Scala, Duster SUV, Pulse compact car, Koleos SUV and Fluence sedan.

Renaults homonymous Captur concept

Duster is among the best selling SUV’s in the market, it churned instant blockbuster yields. Renault is now keen to introduce the all wheel drive variant of the vehicle sometime during the festive season. Along with the all wheel drive car there will be two other small vehicles that will cost less than Rs 4 lakhs, and there is an MPV in the making as well.

There is an overload of competition in the small car market; the forthcoming small Duster car will fight the arch battle with Datsun Go and Maruti Alto 800. The MPV will be a stiff contender to Maruti Ertiga and Honda Mobilio, the vehicle is called Renault Lodgy, and was captured several times by car enthusiasts in test mule state.

With signs of revival noticed after a two year long constrained economy, auto firms are strategizing ways to increase market share. Renault is keen to elevate is market volume to 5% from the current 2.2% figure in the next few years. It is a significant vision and to achieve it the company is keen to strengthen its passenger car market. The All wheel drive Duster will launch in September from the firm’s established Oragadam unit in Chennai. Renault has gained sufficient market share momentum with Duster along. Since its arrival in 2013, the company rolled out whooping 100,000 pieces.

The all wheel drive Duster is engineered with all wheel drive system technology, and is sold in three variants, a four wheel lock, auto and two wheel drive. The all wheel drive Duster will move on a robust diesel 1.5 liter engine that generates 108.5bhp, the suspension unit is an independent multi link system along with new Eco mode and hill start assist, and its fuel efficiency rating is 19.72 kmph.

There have been so many amazing new SUV products lately, caused by the magnificence of Volkswagen Taigun, Renault Duster and Ford EcoSport. There is yet another spectacular launch to look forward to be called as Land Rover Discovery Sport.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Interior

Land Rover Discovery Sport Interior

Land Rover is an esteemed brand of British firm Jaguar Land Rover; the company has displayed official pictures of Discovery Sports cabin, the first of its kind. It is a seven seat SUV, and built for international markets, till now the picture sounds exhilarating, it is just a few days away to the global unveiling of Land Rover Discovery Sport, scheduled for the 3rd of September.

Images of the vehicle are on the web, the interiors reveal a magical 5+2 seating arrangement. It is not just a regular seating, but a novel one positioned over three benches. Land Rover Discovery Sport is a huge surprise; it is a replacement model of Freelander 2.

Ardent Land Rover fans can only expect an overload of comfort in Land Rover Discovery Sport. It is more than just normal comfort; Land Rover has used the phrase ‘versatile’ the third row seats are foldable, which means increased rear volume. The best part is the seats can be completely folded back, the other interesting features that describes its luxury status is central infotainment screen, keyless engine start, multi-function steering wheel and panoramic sun roof.

The tag Discovery Sport sounds catchy; the hidden meaning lies in forceful engine capacity. The car will run on Jaguar’s new Ingenium engine recipe, for those who are just yearning to view the car, it will make its public debut at 2014 Paris motor show in October.

Interior images of Land Rover Discovery Sport are displayed on the web and it looks classic, even under spackles of shadow light, the seats look posh and spacious. There is another image showing the positioning of cushions from a height, which implies that the visibility is expected to be phenomenal. The touchscreen apparatus looks amazing and there is picture of the car in a fully covered state waiting to be unravelled.

The good news is Land Rover Discovery Sport will set foot on Indian soil sometime next year. The competition is going to fume with glory, its arch rivals are BMW X3, Mercedes M Class and Audi Q5 and the price is likely to stretch between Rs 40 to 50 lakhs.

Audi A3 is probably the biggest luxury sedan surprise package in India, along with its grand lavish nature is the valuable pricing. Audi has achieved a dream package with A3, amidst the present troubled economy, sheen and reasonability is what the country is looking forward to. To achieve this Audi has worked on efficient production and localization strategies.

New Audi A3

New Audi A3

Audi has used A3 as its first platform to raise customer sentiment; it has opened a new area of sales driving strategy. The starting price of the car is Rs 22.9 lakhs. A3 is packed with energy; the petrol vehicle is equipped with a robust turbocharged 1.8 liter power train that yields spark efficiencies close to 180PS. The mill is coupled with eight speed automatic transmission gearbox; the starting price is Rs 28.9 lakhs. The diesel vehicle is inserted with a robust 2 liter mill that produces 140PS matted to six speed automatic transmission gearbox. Customers can choose from a range of engine options with one petrol and three diesel cars.

A3 is probably the best looking sedans in the market; its fashion statement is awe-inspiring and sophisticated. The features that enhance the aesthetic nature of the vehicle are elegantly styled trapezoidal tail lights, short overhangs and arty LED headlights. The car looks novel and refreshing, apart from just styling Audi has elevated the acceleration capacity of A3, and it adds new character to its brand. The petrol car was earlier called A3 1.8 TFSI and is now referred to as A3 40 TFSI, the diesel vehicle is now called A3 35TDI from the earlier A3 2.0 TDI tag.

Audi A3 will drive anyone crazy, on the nature of the vehicle, the Head of Audi India, Joe King said, ‘’the phenomenal characteristics of Audi A3 is stylish, path breaking and sporty. The areas of supreme style and engineering are visible on top class infotainment and multimedia system, potent engines, design and world class aerodynamic technology. The car has an efficient Map My India system with navigation along with LED interior parking, Xenon headlights with LED daytime running lights, parking system with rear view camera, automatic dual zone air conditioning, touchpad, 20GB jukebox, 17 inch alloy wheels and Panoramic sun-roof.

Anyone will want to grab Audi A3, not just for its one of a kind styling, but magnificent brand acclaim. Audi has crossed the spectacular 10,002 annual sale milestone and 10,126 financial year sales, which is the first of its kind by any luxury vehicle.

The auto market in India was under the traps of constrained economy, with signs of revival witnessed lately and glimpses of hope, companies are working on future roadmaps. The acclaimed Indian unit of the Korean based firm Hyundai is keen to enhance its market share and has planned its road map a year from now with launch of multi-purpose vehicle.


A new Hyundai compact SUV sounds interesting particularly after the grand sheen and success of Santa Fe. The company has engaged in new line of thought, inscribed on Elite i20, an evolutionary product of i20. The same trend was seen on Grand i10, a bigger and more spacious model of i10. Hyundai produced another evolutionary vehicle from Grand i10, the compact Xcent sedan.

The colorful festive season is the best time to push sales, the festival season along with the vision to increase market share has channelized a new range of thought. Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) is entering an unexplored segment, and plans to trap new markets in years to come, as confirmed by a top representative of the company. The company’s first compact sedan segment entry is visible on Xcent, the demand for the car is enormous, till now with just around six months post launch, 30,000 units are sold.

The new segment entry of Hyundai is MPV and compact SUV, which according to the company are growing profitable areas. Now the curiosity element is weather Hyundai which strategy comes first MPV or SUV, the company declined to disclose its plan. According to the buzz Hyundai is working on compact SUV which it aims to launch next year.

Hyundai commented on its strategy and said, ‘’with new launches along with refreshes and enhancement of our channels, it should lead the path to enhanced market share by one percentage point each year of coming few years.’’ The company made admirable gains during the January to July 2014 period with the sale of 2,35,432 pieces resulting in 21.6% market share, a hike from 20.4% noted a year ago.

Hyundai has channelized its launches effectively, the forthcoming compact SUV looks stunning and it will surely drive the crowd insane.

The luxury brand power of Skoda is par excellence in India, naked images of the new Skoda Fabia is revealed, and as expected it looks great, its hatch body is well defined, the neat vertical lines on the body add deep character, the four pointed grille looks attractive, and so does the headlights. It is for the first time Skoda has unveiled the naked image of new Fabia, before it’s unveiling at the prestigious 2014 Paris Motor Show in October.

2015 Skoda Fabia

2015 Skoda Fabia

Fabia is a popular figure on Indian roads, but in the past few years there have not been many takers for the car. The current model is doing well on international circuit; the new car is a replacement of the present model. The new Fabia is a sub four meter vehicle, its height dimension is 30mm lower than current car, and is wider by 90mm. The new vehicle certainly has a lot more to offer in terms of modern styling and cabin room.

The chief designer of Skoda, Jozef Kaban said, the new Fabia reveals new design character, he emphasized on the vision of the firm, which is to create a sporty model with deep layers of elegant design. The end product is a fresh, modern and youthful vehicle, and a benchmark in the field of vehicle modernization. ‘’

The creation of Fabia stems from the inspiration of the robust PQ26 platform of Volkswagen Group. The base structure was first used on refreshed Volkswagen Polo. The newly engineered platform is a modified variant of Volkswagen’s powerful range of transmissions and engines and up to date infotainment and safety apparatus. The new Fabia will be sturdier and is engineered with enhanced handling equipment.

The new engines for international segments are 1 liter three cylinder powertrain used in Skoda Citigo and Volkswagen Up. The 1.2 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine generates 109 and 89bhp and will be coupled with DSG dual clutch automatic transmission gearbox. The entry level 1 liter car is engineered with ripping fuel efficiency, and the mystery lies in the fantastic aerodynamic effect with 980kg dry weight.

The new Skoda Fabia sounds like a fabulous purchase, but an Indian launch is not yet certain. Let’s hope Skoda launches the vehicle in India.

The Indian car market is growing with many new segments blooming into highly lucrative ones. One such segment is the hatchback turned crossover segment. Though such cars are called crossovers by their makers, these are actually modified hatchbacks or pseudo crossovers, but they serve the purpose of sporty and muscular looking urban vehicles that are not taken to the off-roads.

Fiat Avventura

Fiat Avventura

This segment was started by the Volkswagen Cross Polo which really didn’t shine in the Indian car market, then came in the Toyota Etios Cross which launched in this year’s May. The Etios Cross got great response owing to its superb sporty styling that Toyota pulled off very smartly. Now, to make this segment very competitive Fiat is going to launch its Avventura. The one common thing among these cars is that they are all revamped versions of hatchback models. The VW Cross Polo is essentially the Polo hatchback, the Toyota Etios Cross is actually the Etios Liva hatchback, and the upcoming Fiat Avventura is the modified Punto Evo hatchback.

Fiat will launch the Avventura in India in the first week of October this year as per reports. Fiat will launch all the pre-launch marketing activities to create buzz before the actual market launch.

Staring from early September, the Fiat Avventura will be displayed in several shopping malls across India for the prospective buyers to take a closer look at it. At around the same time, Fiat will also commence the pre-launch bookings for the Avventura with online booking option. The Fiat dealership outlets across India will also start displaying the cars that will reach the showrooms towards the end of next month.

The Fiat Avventura will sport features including projector headlights, black body cladding, roof rails and a tailgate mounted spare wheel for a crossover look. The car’s interior will get refreshed along with contrast stitching and roll-and-tilt gauges. Under the hood, the Avventura will have the same specifications as its hatchback sibling Punto Evo. It is expected to be priced at about Rs. 6 to 8 lakhs.