Aston Martin unveils Rapide S Sportscar

Luxury carmaker Aston Martin introduced its sport car, the Rapide in 2010 as a four-door sport saloon. This car is blessed with powerful engine and body design based on the Aston Martin Lagonda, which has been discontinued since 1989. The initial models of this car were built at factory in Austria, which was later relocated to England. Aston Martin Rapide S is a second generation face lifted variant with upgraded V12 engine which produces power of 550 bhp but very low emission to comply with Euro IV norms. During 2011 economic crisis had forced the firm to reduce production to half due to diminishing demand which is being reviewed with news of recovery.

Aston Martin Rapide S unveiled in India

This four door Aston Martin Rapide S was recently launched in India at its Coimbatore based dealer on 21st December 2013. Priced at a premium INR 4.4 crores the car is aimed towards high networth citizens and the company expects to sell 10 – 15 units every month across India. Though some market sources expressed concern about high price of this variant its management attributed it to fluctuating rupee value and growing inflation. Though Aston Martin has not been as successful in Asian markets like its other European counterparts from Germany it is aiming to gun for them now since economies around the world are improving. The Aston Martin Rapide has a 6.0 liter V12 engine capable of accelerating from 0 – 100 within 5 seconds and reaching top speeds of 300 kmph.

With a light body made of aluminum and magnesium panels making it agile and swift on racing tracks the Rapide S’s power output is assisted by strong chassis made of magnesium. Interiors of this luxury car are made of hand stitched leather and central console contains electronic controls for various features available within and outside this car. Being a sports variant the new Rapide S is outfitted with strong suspension system along with ABS, strong combination of disc and drum brakes and also dynamic stability control system. Its front façade however looks quite simple with wide radiator grille and low roof design for a more aerodynamic body.

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