Audi registers new future model names

Luxury carmaker Audi is readying itself for a performance oriented year in traditional markets and also new markets in Asia and Africa. The firm has recently registered trademarks and names for new models to be launched within forthcoming decade. Market reports suggest that Audi may be producing a compact SUV based on the concept of its Crosslane Coupe which it had submitted in 2012.

audi logoThese expectations are based on Audi’s registration of “SQ2”, “SQ4” and the recent “Q9” trademarks which may be for mid-segment sedans or compact utility vehicles. Audi will be targeting its new cars against existing market leaders in every segment to have a focused growth path and growing an existing market instead of trying to create a demand for new product category which will take time and investment. Therefore its first product “SQ4” will be targeted towards customers of Range  Rover Evoque, with a compact body and expensive features but a low emission variant.

In continuation of its tradition to build and sell luxury cars with unique exteriors Audi will also create saloon or sedan car with features and performance slightly above existing Audi Q7. It has therefore registered trademark “Q9” for manufacturing a car in this category which may have both diesel and petrol fuel engines. To emphasize its image of creating cars with cleaner fuel options Audi has also registered “F-Tron” name which may manufacture engines with electric power.

Presently Audi uses the monikers “E-tron” and “G-tron” for referring to their hybrid and natural gas powered cars all of which are eco-friendly and low emission. This registration of titles show that Audi will develop cars with fuel cell engines along with electric and gas powered engines which will either by full or part hybrid and will be manufactured at both its local and international manufacturing plants.  The firm has also released official sketches of its new model in Q series to be premiered as a concept car in Detroit which will have a new Q1 batch.  All these interesting news titbits about Audi show that the carmaker is among the limited few who are positive about future demand and know that economy will improve around the world and so will sales of luxury cars.

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