Nissan Nismo GT-R – A Popular Car from Enthusiasts

Spy pictures of the soon to be launched Nissan Nismo GT-R had been leaked online far ahead of its official date due to popular demand from auto enthusiasts. This technical masterpiece is a joy to behold with its road hugging design which has a very low ground clearance. However, the car hums along on a 3.8 liter twin turbo V6 petrol engine the same has been calibrated and tuned to produce torque of 650Nm and power of 595 bhp.


While this may be due to better-designed exhaust system, the engine is also assisted by turbochargers. Official company sources had early stated that this car would have a more heightened torque but later reiterated stating that resulting vibration would damage its gearbox within a short timespan. With body structure made of carbon fibers this speedy sports car has been built with wing like rear spoiler on its boot which balances it while turning around tight corners.  Scheduled to be showcased in Indian Auto Show in February, it will be available in markets within a high price range of INR 1.24 – 1.50 crores.

To live up its reputation and be a worthy opponent to models from Jaguar, Porsche and Lamborghini on track races, this car is listed as fastest vehicle on Nurburgring’s cars list when driven by champion Michael Krumm. According to existing fans of the car that have tested this new Nissan Nismo GT-R the new revised model is a gentler version of existing one since its suspension has new springs and shock absorbers making it less noisy.

The car also has received new custom built tyres by Dunlop with sound reduction system from Bose while its power has been increased from 542 horse power to 591 horsepower along with torque from 465 Nm to 481 Nm. The Nismo GT-R’s front and side profiles have received red colored trim giving it a perky appearance in combination with six spooked alloy wheels. As an ideal racecar the Nissan Nismo GT-R has six speed automatic transmission system with dual clutch enabling it to accelerate within 2.7 seconds.


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